International Buyer Strategy

Asian & Subcontinent buyers are now the fastest growing section of real estate buyers worldwide.

With so much Asian & Subcontinent buyer activity occurring here in Brisbane All Properties Group has developed a unique international buyer strategy to ensure that each All Properties Group properties are given the very best exposure to every part of the market-place making sure that our clients are given the best opportunity to achieve a world class result. The difference is we cannot tell you where your best buyer will come from, will it be your neighbour or will it be the buyer sitting on their laptop in a unit somewhere in China?

It’s a red hot topic: everywhere you look at the moment there’s news about the Chinese buying international property. TEN million wealthy Chinese want to move to Australia and the desire for an Aussie lifestyle is the driving force in our market place.

Over 36,000 new apartments bought by foreign investors are currently being built — most of these were purchased by Indian or Chinese buyers.

Asian investment group CLSA presented research showing almost half of China’s 70 millionwealthiest people wanted to emigrate, and 10 million had Australia in mind.

“The top two reasons are clean environment and better education for their children. This intention and the belief Australian real estate brought big gains was driving investment which had made the real estate market Red Hot!

There are no restrictions on foreigners investing in new homes in Australia, but they can only buy established homes if they have a valid visa.

The All Properties Group International Buyer Strategy has been created to make transactions easier. is the number one international Chinese property portal to display your property to mainland Chinese buyers. Many Australian websites are not available from mainland China, leaving sellers with no real avenue for one of the world’s largest markets. gives our clients the best exposure for their properties.

myfun is the local version of however in Chinese which that deals directly with Chinese buyers both here in Brisbane and interstate. Full Chinese translation as well as a range of Chinese speaking property services experts such as Lawyers, mortgage brokers and conveyancesare there to assist Chinese buyers.

Queensland Chinese Times

The QLD Chinese Times is the Brisbane Chinese newspaper. This has now become a strong marketing tool amongst the local Chinese community. With very cost effective rates the Chinese times not only targets local buyers here in Brisbane but also provides a conduit between the local Chinese community and there family back in mainland China who are interested in buying Brisbane real estate.

Chinese translated adverts

Over the last 3 years we have seen an incredible increase in the number of Chinese buyers attending open homes. A large majority of these buyers do not speak English and for this reason having the right communication tools is vitally important. Chinese translated brochures & adverts allow for buyers to obtain all the information they require to make the process of buying a home a relatively easy process for them.

All languages translated on All Properties Group website

With a click of a button the entire All Properties Group website can be translated to over 30 different languages making the process of buying property with All Properties Group a whole lot easier than most otherreal estate agencies, however it doesn’t endthere.

Multi Lingual Chinese speaking experts

At All Properties Group we work directly with multi lingual Chinese & Hindu speaking mortgage brokers bringing speed and trust for effective finance approval for Chinese & Indian speaking buyers. Multi Lingual speaking mortgage brokers also liaise directly with potential purchasers off shore banks bringing speed and efficiency to the process of qualifying more potential purchasers for our clients.

F.I.R.B Visa specialists

Having built strong relationships with foreign investment review board visa specialists we are able to obtain full government buyingapproval quicker for all potential international buyers, no longer than 21 days.

Multi language translators

At All Properties Group we have translators to cater for all different dialects of Chinese including Mandarin & Cantonese as well as  Vietnamese.

International buyer database

With international buyers now becoming a strong part of our market-place we are constantly building our data base of qualified international buyers that are ready to purchase property immediately, this number of buyers grow every day.

More buyers for you

So as you can see at All Properties Group we do everything we possibly can to make sure that your property gets the best possible exposure giving you a better chance of securing that world class result.