Our Values

The APG Way

empowering people

Inspiring and encouraging those around us to embrace growth with a positive outlook for the opportunities it brings.

World class

Performing at our best in everything we do, delivering exceptional work, time and time again.

Knowledge is power

Knowledge and skills are never static. Learning is a continual process that defines the highest level of professionalism.

embrace change

We must continually innovate to achieve our greatest potential.

family spirit & fun

We are all responsible for creating an incredibly fun culture where everyone is connected and valued.

we walk our talk

We always do what we say we are going to do.

Soul and health

Focusing on vitality boosts productivity, creativity and contentment.

How we behave

Honesty, humility, integrity, laughter, fun,persistence, happiness, respect and passion. These values rest at the heart of every interaction at All Properties Group.

why do we have our values?

Our core values are the foundation of All Properties Group. It is the blood that pumps through the company veins, the DNA that binds us. Without them, All Properties Group is just another agency, everything we do has to be World Class.

It is no secret that the best organisations in the world are the ones with the greatest cultures, take a look at Google, Facebook. Every great company culture is founded on respect, both for colleagues and for the company itself, its direction and your contribution to that future. We believe our values are integral to unlocking that success and so we expect you to live them out on a daily basis.

We understand people can make mistakes – after all, they are essential if we are to grow. But we cannot and will not accept people not giving their best and people not living to our team values.