Our Culture

what is All Properties Group culture

All Properties Group developed a high performance culture from its first day and has built a firm reputation as market leaders. We value excellent results but personally, integrity and honesty are vital to achieving those results within All Properties Group and in everything we do.

We also want our staff to love coming to work.

We want laughter, we want energy, we want to see wonderful networks growing among the people we value – all of them.

We are firm believers in the “leader without title” mantra. Everyone is a role model, responsible for sparking innovation and creativity in everything they do. We want you to feel empowered.

We want fresh ideas to make All Properties Group better, so get creative and start thinking differently about your role. Share them and talk about them so we all benefit from a thriving, innovative culture.

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eight rules for a kick-ass company culture

1. core values are everything

Core values are the principles that guide our company. They explain not just how our company runs but why our company runs as well as it does. They align our people, reflect our personality, our goals and how we want to attain those goals.

2. kick-arse culture starts with you

Being part of a great working environment starts with you as an individual. Yes, you are affected by the people around you but it is up to everyone to make the choice to create the world they want. You make the choice about whether you bring a great attitude to work, whether you focus on solutions or problems, whether you support your team and whether you set out trying to make All Properties Group a better business today than it was yesterday.

Are you adding excitement, energy, fresh ideas, progression and innovation or are you subtracting?
There is no in-between.

3. attitude over skill set

It has been said that only 20% of business success can be traced to skill – the other 80% is attitude. No matter how brilliant a team member might be, they must be compatible with our company culture. So bring your great attitude and watch your career grow.

4. total clarity over our mission

Everyone must be totally clear on what our company mission is, what our goals are and what their role is in achieving it. Only when people have a purpose do they produce their best efforts.

5. celebrate the wins

Having a positive culture creates team members that go the extra mile. And when they go that extra mile, success is created – and should be celebrated, to the benefit of both the individual and the company.

6. trust one another

Things happen quicker when people trust each other. Trust is created by doing the small things right, openly communicating with one another and supporting and encouraging each other. And when their is trust between people extraordinary things happen.

7. let free speech reign

Sometimes the best ideas come from the most unlikely places so it is important that all team members are able to freely express themselves. We welcome all fresh ideas and suggestions.

8. put our company culture on display

Being loud and proud about our company culture has a positive effect in two main ways. First, clients naturally gravitate towards people that are having fun. Secondly, that same culture attracts great people and builds a better organisation. Be proud of spreading word of All Properties Group.